Culinary Prepares for Luncheon

Meital Abraham, Reporter

The Cedar Park High School culinary arts team has a special luncheon each year that parents and staff can attend.

“It’s a really exciting program,” culinary arts teacher, Olivia Rodriguez, said. “Students build really strong relationships and they end up doing a lot of things together outside of school.”

The first luncheon will take place on Oct. 23, and customers will be seated in the culinary arts classroom, which is set up similar to a dining room.

“Each student gets assigned a luncheon to design and I review them,” Rodriguez said.

There are three courses: appetizer, entree, and dessert. The food will be served by culinary arts students and will only cost $6 per person. The luncheon’s menu changes each year, so at this point in the year the students do not know what they will be serving. Rodriguez is a supervisor for these luncheons, however the hosts are first and second year advanced culinary arts students.

“Everybody gets a chance to do each of the jobs,” senior Max Miller said.

Students participating in the luncheon can work in the dining room or be a cook depending on the rotation.

Sarah Hinderliter is in her second year of culinary with her first year being in preparation for culinary arts. Sarah also doesn’t know her part in the luncheon yet, but is optimistic.

“I’m really excited for the luncheon because culinary is really fun,” Senior Sarah Hinderliter said.