FCA: A Growing Community in CP


Chloe Hunter

Seniors Dalton Hayek, Mason Brooks, and Allen Grones pray together before the first football game of the season Sept. 1.

Garrett Wilson, Reporter

Over 25 members from all over campus come to Fellowship of Christian Athletes to discuss the news about the Bible, and how this can help them in their everyday life.

“FCA helped me be less stressed with school,”  junior Garrett Uranga said after the Sept. 7 meeting.

Senior Hunter Howe has been elected by sponsor Cami Jenschke and club members to lead the meetings. The meetings will consist of doughnuts and many life lessons from people with active lives.

FCA sponsors 5th quarter, an annual event that will happen after the homecoming game Friday at Gupton starting at 11p.m. This will be an opportunity for the students of CP to come together and celebrate the greatness of God. The event will also include ultimate frisbee, multiple games, free pizza and a lesson from youth pastor, Dusty Brewer, about being student athletes and being in the Word.

“5th quarter has been an exciting event for all of the students to come together and have a better connection with God,” Howe said.

It’s not just students that come to an FCA meeting, it is some of the teachers on campus, too. Teaching English I and II, with a Master’s degree in Religious Education, Mr. David King loves to come to all of the FCA meetings and talk with the students about life lessons based off of the Bible.

“FCA had a big impact on my life,” junior Matthew Villarreal said. “It helped me find a new view on Christ and helped me open up.”

FCA meetings occur every Thursday in the Lecture Hall starting at 8 a.m.