Key club kicks off a new year with a bang


Collyn Burke

Key club members pose with Principle Sloan at the officer initiation. “We had at least four times as many people up there [in comparison to Vandegrift’s attendance at the officer installation],” junior Dean Torkelson said. “It’s always fun to be able to brag without saying anything.”

Collyn Burke, Reporter

Though it’s a common misconception, Key Club  was not designed for those enthusiastic about keys. Key Club is the student run high school division of Kiwanis, a community service organization. From canned goods collections to trips to Six Flags, CPHS’s Key Club, according to its member, has been working hard to serve both the school and the community, while having a good time.
“Key Club is run by kiddos who love what they do and love how they do it,” senior Ayah Alomari said. “Working with such people creates an absolute new definition of service.”
Alomari joined Key club as a freshman and is now serving as club President. As President Alomari has acted as leader for many of the projects Key Club has planned for this year, such as the Eliminate project, an event sponsored by UNICEF that will raise money to prevent Maternal Neonatal Tetanus in developing countries.
“I want Key Club to be known, not only on our campus, but in our district”, Alomari said. “I want Key club to be a distinguishing factor that identifies Cedar Park.”
Along with the Eliminate project, Key Club recently had their officer installation. The installation is ceremony in which family and faculty honor and recognize the new Key Club officers.
“I love that all the principals and the superintendent come to support us, because it lets everyone know that our efforts definitely don’t go unnoticed”, senior and Vice President Whitney Hoermann said. “It’s a fun experience that we can share with everyone, not just the officers.”
In addition to their other various service projects, Key Club is also working with Pals to collect canned goods for the Capital Area Food Bank. Once all the cans have been collected, Key club will build a structure from the cans.
“I really enjoy the motive behind Key club- selfless giving”, junior Dean Torkelson said. “Every person is working towards the common goal of a better today and a better tomorrow through community service.”
Whether it’s as simple as collecting cans, or trying to end a major disease, the members of Key Club feel as though they are working to make this school, community, and world a better place for the rest of us.
“I like how centered we are on community service”, senior Travis Schwartz said. “I believe we could make a real difference within our community and continue to expand our influence”.
If you are interested in joining, Key club meets every Tuesday Morning at 8 am in S106.