Four Make All-State Choir

Gillian Corona , Reporter

A huge congrats to freshman Caden Teliha, senior Meghan Krish, senior Daniel Williamson and junior Mathew James for making this years Texas All-State Choir. The All-State Choir is organized by the Texas Music Education Association. They collaborate with high schoolers where they pick the “best of the best” to come together and form a choir.

Williamson shares that a high school student has to learn a variety of advanced pieces and audition in rounds from region to area that get harder as one advances.

“It’s an amazing opportunity as a musician and as an artist to express a passion for music and to learn from some of the best music educators in the nation,” Williamson said.

It is a big privilege to get into All-State as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication from the beginning, according to Teliha.

“It took a lot of preparation, I had three different voice teachers just to get help with different aspects especially sight reading,” Teliha said. “But [it takes] a lot of practice and not getting homework done, I can say that one!”

All four of them have more music to learn for a convention they will attend in San Antonio from Feb. 14-17, where they will perform. The choir program is now shifting its focus to UIL and solo and ensemble competitions.

“Meghan and I are off to college,” Williamson said. “But be sure to cheer on Matthew, Caden and other auditionees in next year’s All-State process.”