New clubs debut at CPHS

Lizzy Lamm

There are a lot of new clubs this year that are open to students, such as writing club, the collaboration of TFC and FCA and science fiction club, to name a few.

Writing club is a club that was created in response to the cancelation of the creative writing class. They meet every Friday morning in Ms Iskra’s room.

“Writing club’s purpose is to help people explore more creative types of writing and meet people with the same interests as you,” sophomore president Paris Lailson said. “It’s to have fun writing and be able to express themselves through their own words.”

Writing club will be writing the Madrigal Dinner script for the choir, a short musical that they put on around Christmas time.

Another new club is the Science Fiction Club, also known as “sci-fi club”, sponsored by Ms. McCormick. They meet every first and third Wednesday of each month in Ms. McCormick’s room.

“The purpose of sci-fi club is to share about our different interests,” sophomore vice president Madeline Jordan said. “If they are into TV shows, movies, books, comics, or anything else, they can meet other people that like those things, and also learn about other things that other people are interested in that they might enjoy.”

The science fiction club is working on a reenactment of the episode “The Fires of Pompeii”, from the British science fiction show ‘Doctor Who’.

The two groups Timberwolves for Christ (TFC) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) have joined together this year, and are having their meetings together every Wednesday morning at 7:45 a.m.