Photography Reflections Winners

Annual Competition Recognizes Photo Students

Reflections, a PTA contest held for k-12 students, allows artists and writers to enter their best work to be judged. Tiffany Asha’s photography students recently got their certificates for entering and moving on to higher levels.

Junior Paris Maddox has been working to improve her portrait photography skills. She says that getting recognition is part of what makes it worthwhile.

“It feels really good to be recognized,” Maddox said. “It makes me feel that all my hard work is paying off because other people are appreciating my work.”

Senior Annelise Freeze says that Reflections actually helps with developing a focus in her photography when submission time rolls around.

“It gives a universal goal to capture something that is meaningful to a specific topic, like Within Reach,” Freeze said.

This contest gives an opportunity for young photographers to be appreciated for their hard work and dedication toward the arts.

Junior Katelyn Tschoerner is glad that competitions such as Reflections can focus on the art programs.

“Art is easily swept under the rug and forgotten,” Tschoerner said. “There are many entrees to look over, so I’m glad that people’s art in my class could be appreciated.”