PNG takes the stage and the audience


Hunter-Rose Comtois

PNG B team bows together at the end of their show on Oct. 14 . The Black Box is small so PNG members are worried about size. “There’s a lot of members,” Jimenez sajd. “I’m not quite sure how we all fit.”

Hunter-Rose Comtois, reporter

Lots of laughs were shared on Oct. 14 as PNG’s B team had their first performance this year.

For quite a few of the B team members, it was their first time ever performing as part of the improv group. Senior Jordan Howell was one of those first time members.

“It was really easy,” Howell said. “No mess-ups at all. I thought I was going to screw up this certain game we performed because I couldn’t do it right every time we practiced it, but I did it spot on the night of the show.”

Senior Raul Jimenez also agreed the show went well for him personally. He felt that the practices were overall helpful in building confidence and preparing him for the show. The practices usually last two hours every Wednesday.

“The practices are laid back, yet constructive,” Jimenez said. “We play the same games we play at our show except the scenarios are always random and different.”

The shows games includes every member of PNG evenly. According to who did well on certain games, they would be placed on that game during the performance.

“It was also my first time performing,” senior Kristin Sheldon said. “Even though I wasn’t in that many skits, I feel I did well on the ones I was in.”

When asked, Jimenez said that his ritual before the show helped him. His ritual consisted of breathing deep and becoming aware of his senses and surroundings.

Howell also had a ritual before the show, but his wasn’t a personal ritual: his included the whole group.

“We do the Shmoney Dance,” Howell said. “We turn the tunes up, dance and get pumped up before the show.”

According to theater tech teacher Lisa Raymond, B team was just as good as A team, so both teams are going to join together and become one big PNG group.

Many of the PNG members are disappointed and don’t want this to happen.

“Honestly, I’m not a fan that A team and B team are combining,” Sheldon said. “It’s going to be a big group with too many people and the shows will be longer. I think it’ll upset the audience.”

The shows will be longer and the Black Box will seem small with all of the members of PNG, according to Jimenez.

“We need a bigger area,” Jimenez said. “Perhaps performing in the PAC would be nice. I talked to the other members and they think the PAC would be a good idea. Maybe sometime in our future shows.”

A team senior Matt Elenniss agrees that B team had an amazing performance.

“The shows going to be good,” Elenniss said. “All the members have something to offer so we will see how it turns out the first show collaboration.”

The third PNG show this year and the first show as a whole group will take place on Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. in the Black Box.