PSAT Team learns the ropes of the ropes course after two months of preparation


Emilee Guernsey

PSAT Team takes a break from studying after taking PSAT test with team bonding activities under the ropes course. “It was a little celebration for our hard work in preparation for the PSAT,” junior Eunice Lee said.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

After the PSAT was taken on Oct. 14, the PSAT team was rewarded with an event during school on Oct. 15 under the ropes course led by the LISD Ropes Course Facilitator, Greg Glover.

According to math teacher and PSAT team leader Linda Ziemann, the course was meant to just let the students have a break from studying so hard and to let them have fun.

“The ropes course was a way to create more team building, and help with problem solving,” Ziemann said. “It was a time for the kids to have fun.”

Ziemann was able to get to learn more about her students and have a time to relax after the work they had put in for the PSAT.

“It was great too see all the students in a different way,” Ziemann said. “Instead of studying, they were outside having fun. I got to know them on a more personal basis and find out their interests instead of just teaching math.”

Junior Eunice Lee was happy that she was able to celebrate their hard work and enjoy a day of no studying.

“I liked  being able to participate in group activities and celebrate our hard work preparing for the PSAT,” Lee said. “I learned how to communicate with others more efficiently as individuals and as a team.”

Another junior, Jon Corley, liked being able to be involved in the different ropes course activities and shared his favorite part.

“[The ropes course] was the best thing we’ve done this year,” Corley said. “The lunch they provided was pretty great too.”

Ziemann plans on doing the ropes course again next year the day after the PSAT.

“One of the problems we ran into, is that some students weren’t able to show up due to other classes having tests that day,” Ziemann said. “I hope next year teachers don’t schedule tests right after the PSAT. The time frame was good though for the activities. I do wish that [english teacher] Chriss Hexter wouldn’t spill all the water in her car next time.”

Students have the opportunity to be invited to join the PSAT Team based off their PSAT scores from their sophomore year. The PSAT Team helps students prepare for the PSAT test their junior year, in hopes of receiving a National Merit Award. If students have any questions about how to be invited or want to know more about the PSAT team, they can talk to Jennifer Colman in the AP office or visit Linda Ziemann or Chriss Hexter.