Robolobo Success


Front: David Bonsall, Gabriel Haro, Shane Kelly, Kristen Grimm, Olivia Larkin. Second Row: Sponsor Michael Kalb, David Rocha, Madison Cox, Caroline Woodall. Third Row: Bryce Morris, Aaron Ingram, Jamison Holt, Sponsor Cheri Whalen. Back: Christian Walsh, Alexis Martinez, Max Vargas, Aaron Evans. *Not Pictured: Victor Wu.

Miranda Campbell

The Cedar Park robotics team recently created a robot to be entered into the FRC Robotics competition in San Antonio in February. Students in the robotics club built the robot over a six week period beginning in early January. The robots built across the district are constructed according to the game they will play. This year’s was the “Aerial Assist” game that involves gameplay with a 24 inch diameter exercise ball rotating in a volleyball game type fashion. Overall, the team won the Rookie All-Star award and the highest Rookie Seed award.

Nicknamed the Robolobos, the team worked every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday to complete their robot in time. They divided themselves into teams that work on specific aspects of the robot. This included the design of the robot, the mechanical maneuvers, electrical procedures and the programming of everything.

“The build season is a blast, the competitions are energetic and the community is so supportive,” senior Shane Kelly said. “I loved being a part of it all.”

The team is currently preparing for the world championships in St. Louis April 24-26 because of their qualifications.

“We have bonded through our shared excitement, late nights and passion for the program,” senior Christian Walsh said. “It’s like we’re a big family.”

Outside of the work environment, the Robolobos are generous with their knowledge and help other teams. They have traveled to Roasters to hold demonstrations for eighth graders and have mentored another rookie team from Columbia.

Be on the look out for other achievements from this program’s students.