Skills USA brings home honors from district competition

The Skills USA teams placed high at the District meet Feb. 21-22. Results are as follows:

1.) Architectural Drafting Skills

Ayah Alomari                     1st place (Gold Performance)

Kristen Grimm                   2nd Place (Silver Performance)

Corey Cox                           3rd place (Bronze Performance)


2.) Architectural Drafting Projects

Ayah Alomari                                     Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

Corey Cox                                           Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

Kristen Grimm                                   Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)


3.) Technical Drafting Skills

                Robin Davies                                      1st place (Gold Performance)

Drew Summers                                 2nd place (Silver Performance)

Mai Tran                                              3rd Place (Bronze Performance)


4.) Technical Drafting Projects

Max Vargas                                        Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

Shane Kelly                                         Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

Max Doan                                           Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

Robin Davies

Rachel Bardshar                                Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

Drew Summers                                 Superior Rating (Blue ribbon)

                Mai Tran                                              Superior Rating (Blue ribbon


5.) CISCO Internetworking Skills

Ferguson Alex                                   1st place (Gold Performance)

Gerardo Romero                              2nd place (Silver Performance)

Rhett Fuller                                        3rd Place (Bronze Performance)


7.) Related Technical math

Max Doan                                           2rd Place (Bronze Performance)

8.) Programming

                Max Vargas                                        2nd place (Silver Performance)

                Aaron Ingram                                    3rd Place (Bronze Performance)

8.) Haircutting

Laura Fairbanks                               1st Place

8.) Esthetics

Emma Gregerson                            1st Place


In addition, the Cosmetology Quiz Bowl team, which consists of Laura Fairbanks and students from other LISD schools, also placed first. This is the eighth year for a first place finish.