Spring Show ‘Spectrum’ Awes the Audience

Victoria Sananikone, Reporter

The Cedar Park High school Celebrity dance team put on their annual spring show this year titled ‘Spectrum.’ The celebrities aren’t the only ones who perform in this show; they were accompanied by the Emeralds, the Cedar Park middle school Cadets, color guard and dancers from a number of dance companies such as Evolve dance. The show is broken up into an array of different dances ranging from hip hop to intricately choreographed dances with soft music. The process to put on the show was time consuming as the dancers rehearsed over and over again to perfect their performances.

“To prepare for spring show, we have practice every morning before school,” senior Celebrity Sara Baldazo said. “We came a couple of times on the weekend to stage our dances in the PAC. We basically take our competition dances and alter them slightly to fit a show setting, and we also learn a few new dances for the show. It’s super tiring and time consuming, but in the end it’s all worth it.”

The dancers wore specific outfits that paired with each of their dances. For the opening of ‘Spectrum,’ all of the dancers presented themselves in glittering leotards that sparkled from the spotlight as they danced to ‘Spectrum’ by Florence + the Machine. Another one of the dances that compiled multiple groups was the dance that had the theme to the popular production of Clue. In this dance, some of the dancers dressed as the characters and retold the story within the dance.

“My favorite dance from Spring Show was our social dance to ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,’” senior Celebrity Roxy Mota said. “It was my favorite because it was inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s number from ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and pink is my favorite color. I also really like our opener to ‘Spectrum’ by Florence + the Machine because we got to throw confetti.”

Throughout the show, there were periodic breaks where the seniors were recognized on stage. As a slideshow of their baby pictures played behind them, the senior Celebrities walked across stage with their parents when their names were announced as well as the college they were going to attend. For the finale of the show all of the dancers compiled into one mass dance where the seniors had the opportunity to dance together for the last time.

“It’s too hard to sum up “what I learned from celebrities” in just one lesson,” senior Celebrity Claire Dunn said. “I would definitely say my experience on the team impacted me in ways I really couldn’t have imagined when I first joined. It’s been one of the greatest privileges to grow alongside these people, many of whom I consider to be some of my greatest friends and mentors. The things I’ve learned about myself, as well as the relationships I’ve made, definitely have not only shaped me, but will hold a special place in my heart beyond my time here at Cedar Park high school.”