Taking a picture of Photography club


Nicki DiPietro

The photo club compares different photos that each of the members took. The assignment was given the meeting before and members had the chance to take them last time the club met. “Looking at different photos helps give me specific ideas,” Bosse said. “It also gives me inspiration and a deadline I can reach.”

Janet Nava, Reporter

This year at CPHS, Photography Club’s already started. The arrival of the club’s sponsor Tiffany Asha sparked the beginning of the club along with the president senior Lexi Rima.

Sophomore Madison Jaster feels that photo club is a better choice for her interest wise.

“I joined because of Mrs. Asha,” Jaster said. “We worked together this summer and told me about the photo club. And since art club wasn’t for me, I decided to join photo club instead. It’s been great being here and learning about photography.”

Photography Club usually starts with a quick lesson on DSLR cameras on shutter speeds, ISO and other settings on the cameras. After the lesson, the members bring up some of their favorite pictures from the assignment taken from the last meeting or outside of the club. Then they show the class, who critique or comment on the pictures. Sophomore Amanda Bosse likes about the club meetings.

“I think it will help a lot of photographers that don’t really know what they’re doing and help them grow,” Bosse said. “ It also gives the people who know what they’re doing on the cameras and like taking pictures, more opportunities to take photos. This is a great way to fit into my schedule since I really like taking pictures, but can’t always fit it into my classes or outside of school. So this way I get to take more photos.”

Photography Club meets on Wednesdays after school in B102 at 4:05 pm. After a quick lesson on cameras, the members get to go off campus to take pictures of different subjects.