Theater Programs Haunt the Halloween Weekend


Cassie King

Cedar Park theater students prepare for visitors to their haunted carnival on Friday, Oct. 27.

Perry Jamail, Reporter

From killer clowns to demented jack-in-the-boxes, Cedar Park High School and Middle School theater programs came together to make an unforgettably spooky Halloween weekend.

This past weekend, on Oct. 27 & 28, both theater programs worked tirelessly to scare the brave souls who dared enter their haunted carnival. Even while just waiting in line to get into the haunted house, visitors were entertained and spooked by a few haunted creatures such as Blue, the unicycle-riding clown and Maryl, the over-excited friendly fright. Once inside, the terrifying scares only got worse with creatures such as a ghoulish circus conductor, a bloody-eyed hospital patient, chainsaw-wielding clowns and even a Pennywise from the movie “IT”.

Mrs. Hathcock and the theater students pulled off a fantastically terrifying haunted event this October that will definitely linger in the minds of those who attended for nights to come.