Timber Tech prepares for deployment of laptops


The Timber Tech home page shown above is where freshman can go to submit help desk tickets or receive more information on the laptop deployment.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

A new class known as Timber Tech was formed last school year in preparation for the deployment of the new Lenovo laptops that the freshmen will be given on Dec. 7-8.

The class is designed as a help desk for freshmen who experience difficulties with their laptops, according to librarian Debby Barnes. Students that need help with the Lenovos can go to the library during any period except first and seventh.

“It’s like when you go into the Apple store and need help with your iPhone or Macbook, you just walk in and go to the desk and they help you,” Barnes said. “Timber Tech is essentially the help desk at the Apple store. We have six students that are on the team, we have our own phone extension, our own website and our own Twitter.”

One of the six students, sophomore Josh Meroff, took the class in order to become better with computers and tells what he’s looking forward to.

“I wanted to learn more about computers so I could be on the same level as my brother,” Meroff said. “Getting to help out all the students with laptop problems is what I’m most excited for.”

The freshman receiving the laptops will have to pay thirty-five dollars for the spring semester. Students who receive free or reduced lunch will have a fee of $17.50. This fee includes the price of insurance if a student were to damage their laptop. If a student does damage their laptop, Timber Tech is there to help troubleshoot it.

“The first thing a student will do is come to Timber Tech,” Barnes said. “If you think about a hospital in an ER room you go to the triage nurse first. Timber Tech is like the triage nurse. You come down to Timber Tech, you’ll submit a help ticket and then they will make the determination if it’s something they can fix themselves or if it’s something that needs to be escalated.”

According to Barnes, freshman should join the Google classroom called Class of 2019 because the majority of information needed will be supplied there.

“With the Google classroom, students will be able to access what they need to do next with their laptops and get more information,” Barnes said. “Students need to make sure that they are fully charging their laptops overnight, that way it’s fully charged when they come to school and it can last them the whole day. The recommendation is to leave the power cord at home because if it was to get mixed up with someone else’s, there would be no way to differentiate.”

Students who are interested in being a part of Timber Tech can apply in the Spring, around March. Students will be able to design part of the Timber Tech website and help with students having problems, according to Meroff.

“It’s been a pretty exciting class so far,” Meroff said. “I’ve been able to design multiple things like the Timber Tech logo. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of this class. It’s kind of a free class, you have a lot of time to get assignments done, and you don’t have to get everything done in that one class period.”

To stay updated on the deployment of the laptops you can follow Timber Tech on twitter @CPHSTimberTech.