Timberwolves are victorious at TMEA All-State band tryouts


CPHS band students were successful as they competed at the TMEA region 26 All-state band tryouts. Students competed at the 5A level against a total of 13 band programs. Out of the 1700 students competing, 50 Timberwolves made it past the first round of auditions for the State Championship. There were three levels of competitions that students placed under, district, region, and area.

Students that won under the first level as District champions were:

Lauren Burgett, Cassie Bush, Morgan Canales, Austen Castberg, Kevin Choi, Zachary Garcia, Ian Garner, Wyatt Hahn, Nicolas Hawes, Max Hein, Kole Hey, Megan LaMonica, John Maxfield, Evan Shadle, Corey Slaughter and Alex Vu.

Students that won under the second level as Region champions were:

Alex Adair, Tyler Ashcraft, Miguel Barcenas, Tyler Campbell, Rachel Cernosek, Christian Contreras, Josh Covas, Sean Flaherty, Savannah Freeze, Jonathan Hawes, Charles Hooper, Ethan How, David Jones, William Metcalf, Keller Northcutt, Noah Oliver, Philip Raschke, Angus Robertson, Travis Schwartz, Rohan Shetty, Drew Summers, John Theisen, Carlos Valenzuela, Conner Walsh, Autumn Whaley and Katie Willig.

Students that won under the third level as Area champions were:

Austin Cernosek, Nello Kotyuk, Peter Menchu, Griffin Northcutt, Courtney Regester, Tammy Voor, Anna Wessels and Sydney Young.

Students that won under Area champions will be competing for the final State Championships in January.