Gillian Corona, Reporter

On Wednesday night, the student parking lot was filled with little kids dressed up in their costumes and candy- lots and lots of candy.

CPHS held their annual Trunk-or-Treat on Oct. 25 from 5-7 p.m. Clubs signed up and were in charge of creating an activity to play with children.

National English Honor Society, otherwise known as NEHS, was one of the 26 organizations to participate. This year, they decided to do a Halloween themed Mad Libs to incorporate english into their game. Officer of NEHS, senior Ashley Chen, has done Trunk-or-Treat since she was a freshman.

“It’s always been really fun to see kids dress up and get all excited to do the games,” Chen said. “I’ve also talked to teachers whose kids come here annually and some say that they have more fun here than at Halloween. I think it’s just a great experience every year and it always makes me really happy to see all these kids.”