Wrestling Enters New 2017 Season, Looks Forward to New Year


Corey Lensing

CPHS varsity wrestler Luke Eledge battles it out on the mats with a wrestler from McCallum High School.

Perry Jamail, Reporter

Coming off of state appearances in the spring, the wrestling team is kicking off this year’s season with plenty of experience and practice.

Since the first competition of this new season in late November, both the varsity and junior varsity wrestling teams have competed in tournaments and competitions every weekend. Some of the varsity wrestlers have even made it to the final round in some of the tournaments they have played in so far. One of the wrestlers who has made it to one of the final rounds this season is Sophomore and varsity wrestler Justin Garza and he gives some insight into the preparation and work that is put in by the wrestlers before a new season starts.

“Personally I have been preparing since February when the [previous] season ended, however as a team we start [preparing] right away when the school year starts,” Garza said. “We start by hitting the weight room for a few weeks, then after some time we integrate mat-room time to start practicing before the season starts.”

So far this season the wrestlers have competed in only a few tournaments, but performed well in every one they have been in so far. Another varsity wrestler, junior Hampton Jenschke, shares how he thinks this season is going so far and what he expects going forward into the new year.

“So far the season is going very well,” Jenschke said. “I expect that it will get even better with more time and practice.”

Garza also commented on the progression of the current wrestling season and how he expects performances overall as a unit and individually in tournaments will change.

“We as a team have done ok so far, [but] we could do a lot better,” Garza said. “Hampton and I are the only ones that have made it to the finals in the tournament this year, but hopefully that changes from the work that we put in to make us better as a unit.”