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Review Over Netflix’s New Heist Favorite


Photo by Ruchi Sankolli

Netflix and Chill suddenly got disappointing with how the new heist movie played out. “Red Notice” had a lot of potential, which kind of went to waste. While the whole movie was not up to my expectations for it, there were some exciting parts to it, such as the cinematography and the action scenes.

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor

Yet another heist movie has captured hearts and laughs at the same time. Nearly two hours of scheming, dry humor and a pinch of romance, Netflix’s “Red Notice” delivered the basics of a typical heist movie. The fan-favorite casting was only a cherry on top. 

The movie, belonging to the typical heist genre, was centered around stealing three bejeweled eggs to give as a wedding gift to for an indian daughter named Cleo. Agent John Hartley, played by Dwayne Johnson, was chasing the “world’s second-best art thief” Nolan Booth, played byRyan Reynolds, to get the first egg back from him. The two are then forced to team up against a fearsome criminal, played by Gal Gadot, in order to fetch the third egg. 

To put it simply, I felt that this movie had so much more potential. It honestly felt like I was being bribed into watching it because of the famous cast. However, for what these actors could actually bring to their movies, their individual talents were not really highlighted, and it felt like they were pushed too far out of their comfort zones. For example, having seen Gal Gadot in  Wonder Woman, you would expect more, but her character in this movie felt a little out of place for her. Additionally, Dwayne Johnson’s character also underrepresented the typical action that he usually brings to his movies. Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand, fit perfectly into his character. 

That being said, there were still some noteworthy aspects of the movie that kind of made up for the overall short-end-of-the-stick performance. The humor department proved solid, as Ryan Reynolds was able to deliver the dry humor he always does. The action was not bad either, as there were some escape and fight scenes I found engaging. Lastly, the cinematography was amazing. The movie featured some close shots of Rome, tropical islands and the sea, so that was a sight for sore eyes, indeed. 

Plot-wise, the story made sense at some points, but was just as confusing at other points. It started out clear and concise, with a proper line of reasoning, but it was moving too fast for my liking towards the end. The best addition to the plotline, in my opinion, was a huge plot twist that most viewers would never expect. However, that, too, seemed like the only thing the movie could rely on. Overall, I would say the plot was rather typical; seeing that the movie was featured as Netflix’s number one for so long made me expect so much more from it as a heist movie; something that set it apart from all the other heist movies. While it did have unique features about it, the overall pace of the movie felt like I was watching “Blues Clues.” 

Despite this, I would still recommend this movie for those who have not seen it yet, as it does live up to its ranking in one way or another. However, do not expect too much of it, as you are in for a slight disappointment. But, watching this movie is a great experience, as you will laugh at the awkward moments. 

Ruchi’s Rankings: 5/10 overall

  • Cinematography: 5/5
  • Action: 3/5
  • Humor: 4/5
  • Plot: 2/5
  • Casting: 4/5