DIY Thing 1 & Thing 2


Photo Courtesy of Helen Vidrine

Senior Helen Vidrine poses with sophomore sister Amelia in this Halloween throwback.

Carlie Morgan, Reporter

For a throwback to those stress-free days of coloring and Dr. Seuss, look no further than this classic duo. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the perfect inspiration for siblings or even best friends looking for a quick, cute, and most importantly, cheap costume. Show off how in sync you are with your Thing 2 with matching red sweaters, jeans, and signs to make  sure everyone knows which one of you is number one. For the blue hair, you could go all out and temporarily color your hair or throw on a blue headband, whatever you and your BFF are comfortable with. This costume is also versatile enough to include multiple friends, just keep adding numbers! No one will be able to deny how adorable you and your best friend are, especially with these adorable, matching costumes. Everybody knows Halloween is  more fun with friends!