Echosmith invades Cedar Park


Emilee Guernsey

Sidney Sierota performs in the Cedar Park High School gym on Oct. 20. “Performing our own songs is so great,” Sierota said. “It’s awesome seeing people sing along.”

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

Cedar Park High School won the 96.7 Kiss FM High School invasion for the second year in a row. Many students were thrilled to see the new, popular band Echosmith on Oct. 20 during DEN. They played their hit song “Cool Kids” along with two others.

There were around 50 schools in the running to win the High School Invasion and Cedar Park came in first by a margin of 3,500 votes. Our own cheerleaders are to thank. They continuously reminded students to vote.

EJ the DJ from 96.7 came in and surprised the whole school on The Wolfcast and announced that Cedar Park had won.

“Y’all came in with 10,876 votes,” EJ said. “Westwood was runner up, but Cedar Park had a nice lead.”

Not only did EJ the DJ appear on the Wolfcast, he also helped them write the script and gave them advice on performing. Senior Monica Harkins loved having him in the broadcast room because of his great energy.

“I met EJ last year and he helped us with the Wolfcast then too,” Harkins said. “He just gives us more energy on the show.”

Echosmith is an Indie pop band that comes from Los Angeles, California. The group is all siblings; one girl and four boys, ages ranging from 16 to 21. They were all raised around musical instruments.

“Our parents are very supportive,” the band said. “There was always instruments around the house, so it was inevitable that we would want to begin performing.”

Echosmith heard about the Kiss FM high school invasion on the radio and were interested in it.

“I actually completely forgot about the whole thing,” lead singer Sidney Sierota said. “Twitter reminded me when I saw what all the tweets were saying.”

The group didn’t officially want to become a band until around seven years ago. They begin touring the world and realized that so many people knew about “Cool Kids”.

“It was mind-blowing to see the song become so popular,” Sidney said. “That one song has gotten us so far.”

“Cool Kids” was configured by the band when they remembered how it was like for them in high school and how everyone has been in the situation where they want to fit in.

“The song was something that many people can relate to,” Sidney said. “Everyone’s been through it, and it’s just a relatable topic.”