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‘Lost in Space’ Review from Avid Fan


Photo by Ty Cathey

The new “Lost in Space” series was recreated around 50 years after the original, and around 25 years after the movie. This time, it’s with a TV Series adaptation on Netflix. I personally wish there was another season, as I absolutely love the show, from the plot to the acting.

Ty Cathey, Reporter

Heartbreak, action-packed, redemption and alien robots was the only way I could describe the newest season of “Lost in Space.” The show is a remake of a 1965 series, and there was also a movie in 1998. Finally, the current series is from Netflix. The show is a Sci-Fi Adventure series with lots of drama and action in between. 

The old movie and the old series didn’t have a cult following as the new “Lost in Space” series does. The chances of you asking your parents if they watched the 1965 version of “Lost in Space” as a kid is semi-high, as my father knew about it. His opinion of the show was for its time it was very good, but his reasoning was selection then was highly limited. The movie was even less heard of, I personally liked the movie, but it definitely was not nearly as good as the new “Lost in Space” series. If you like the new series and need something to watch, I’d check out the “Lost in Space” movie from 1998.

Personally, I believe that what makes the show so good is the Sci-Fi aspect of it, which is primarily made up of the incredible CGI. They show this off in the opening scene with a spaceship in outer space falling to an unknown planet. Without a doubt, if the show was missing this CGI aspect, or even the special effects, such as fire or water interactions, I couldn’t see it being as good of a show. One scene that really stood out to me was seeing an alien robot ship coming to attack the main characters and it went from a real physical scene to a scene where it was entirely CGI with no cuts, so it felt extremely real. 

Going from a positive to a negative, I’d like to say that the wait time of different seasons was annoying, to say the least. The first episode of the first season was April 13, 2018, then you had to wait nearly a year for season two on Dec. 24, 2019, and the final season was released nearly two years later. On Dec. 1st, 2021, the last season was released, but I will say this last season was pushed back due to COVID-19 and was even rumored to be canceled during the wait time in between seasons, so the extra year wasn’t entirely Netflix’s fault. I would’ve liked to have watched all three seasons back to back to back, but I understand that masterpieces take time.

Back to the positive, the actors’ selection, backstory and the plot was on point at every moment. I think the greatest example of this would be the Robinson family all looking like they’d actually be a family, and the one character who didn’t look like the rest of the family was adopted. This made me understand the plot and really grasp what was happening before it even happened. Another great example of this is one of the side character families, the colonist leader and his son Victor and Vijay Dhar; they look very similar and definitely seem like a father and son. 

No card left unturned would be a great description for this show, as it presents a great deal of mysteries, but all of which are answered even if it isn’t relatively fast in the show. The greatest example is the alien robots, it shows their origin/home planet where they were made and explains the background of what they are. The writers answer these mysteries in a very good way, they’ll leave things unanswered on purpose and let the suspense build for the longest time. 

Without spoiling anything, the ending of each season always lands on a cliffhanger except for the third and final season. I will say that the third season is a tear-jerker, at one point I cried, but even with the sadness, there is a wholesome ending that finishes the series very well. I’d give the CGI 10/10 for the real-life look. The only one that gets a 9/10 is acting, sometimes the acting was a tiny bit off, but still really enjoyable. Lastly, I’d give the writing and plot a 10/10 for the flawless comeback stories it portrayed multiple times and the perfect cliffhangers with the great ending.