Featured CPHS Artist

Clay Beverly

     Name: Holly Chisholm

     Class: Sophomore

     Artistic Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Digital Paints

     Artistic Influences: Graffiti, Concept Art

     What kinds of art do you make?

     I do lots of digital art, as well as paintings, obviously. I tend to work more with realistic concepts than abstract or non-objective art. I’d say my main subject matter would probably be people.

     When did you first start to make art?

     I started in second grade. My mom inspired me to get art lessons, and ever since then I’ve been practicing drawing and painting and everything.

     How would you say your art has changed since then?

     I’ve definitely gotten more to the point where I can really control the media more, and I’ve learned more of how to get my art to look like how I envision it in my head. It’s become more realistic and accurate, and I think I’ve developed more of a different, unique style.

     Have you been influenced by any artists? Who are they?

    I really like an artist called Beleskey, who is actually a graffiti spray paint artist. I really like his works, they remind me a little of Andy Warhol, only less having to do with pop culture, I guess. I also like Wayne Tebo.  I think the way he uses colors is really interesting.

     What do you do for fun (besides make art?)

      I like to hang out with friends and read. I also do martial arts, I hang out at church a lot, I like to go shopping and I love to go to the movies.

     Would you say those things influence your art in any way?

     Definitely reading and movies. More movies, because it’s a very visual medium. Also, video games, because a lot of times video games have really cool concept art. Mostly things that are realistic but at the same time also a little abstract.

     Are you enrolled in any art classes, or have you taken any in the past?

     I’m in Painting this year. I took Art I last year, and I also took some art classes over the summer, as well as a long time ago.