Google vs. Bing

Hunter-Rose Comtois, Reporter

Google and Bing have been in a war for what search engine is the best. Bing is newer, but Google is known as old reliable.

Senior Sam Vaters uses Google instead of Bing because it gives her the best results fast.

“Google is what I’m used to,” Vaters said, “It provides results quickly, succinctly and it looks neat and simple.”

When asked how she feels about Bing, Vaters did not like set up of that site.

“Bing is too complex,” Vaters said. “It gives too many results and it’s not easy to use.”

Not only does the search results matter to students, but the images do as well. Senior Morgan Williamson likes the pictures presented by Google more than Bing because they are more accurate.

“Accurate and fast,” Williamson said. “Bing takes longer to load and Google’s settings are more user friendly.”

Google also is usually the default search engine that is the home page.

“I’ve never really had experience with Bing,” senior Heather Box said. “Google pops up first so I just use that one and now I’m accustomed to it.”