Got7 Releases Mini Album ‘Dye’


Photo by Taylor Nguyen

After five months, the seven member K-Pop boy group Got7 released their latest mini album “Dye” on April 20, 2020.

Taylor Nguyen, Guest Reporter

After five months, the seven member K-Pop boy group Got7 released their latest mini album “Dye” on April 20, 2020 with a beautiful music video of their title track “Not By The Moon.” 

The album, along with their previous one, “Call My Name,” shows a different side of the members in a more mature and chic way. All the songs on the album have their own uniqueness that fit so well together. 

For their title track “Not By The Moon,” Got7 released a stunning music video which goes with the song perfectly. The song has an alternating and descending synth line sound that goes along with trap beats in the chorus. The song however still maintains its serious and dramatic tone. The whole song is a love song and one the lyrics, “O swear not by the moon” is a quote from “Romeo and Juliet” where Juliet asks Romeo to not swear his love for her on the moon as it’s always changing phases. The music video also has references to the story including a bottle of poison, a balcony scene and a casket. 

Their other B-Sides on the album are absolute bops as well. After “Not By The Moon,” comes “Love You Better,” which is a brighter song with a slower and mellow feel. The instrumentals are soft with a little R&B. The song “Crazy” is an upbeat song with edm sound in the chorus. Basically, the song slaps. “Trust My Love” has a reggaeton-house sound to it, making it both very catchy and dance inducing. The song basically just makes you sing and dance along to the chorus. Their last song “Poison” is my personal favorite. It’s a more hip hop sounding song with strong beats. It’s also the perfect mix of rapping and beautiful vocals. It’s a sexy song that just makes you want to bust it down like you’re in the club. 

Got7 still manages to release bops after bops for six years now. Listening to “Dye” really shows how they’ve matured throughout the years. All in all, “Dye” is another beautiful addition to Got7’s discography that would certainly gain them new listeners. 

After listening to the whole album on repeat for two days now, I rate it five out of five stars. Am I biased? Maybe, but who cares. Stan talent. Stan Got7.