Man Seeks Women: The Bachelor is Back

Carlie Morgan, Reporter

The backbone of modern society returned to TV this winter. That’s right, ABC’s “The Bachelor” is back with a brand new cast of quirky girls fighting over the affections of one slightly above par male. This season, that slightly above average male is Nick Viall, who has previously starred in two seasons of the Bachelorette and the Bachelor in Paradise special. My guess is that the creator of the show, Mike Fleiss, felt pretty bad after Nick was the runner-up not once, but twice on the female version of this great American classic. Bad enough to give him his own chance to find “true love”. Whatever the reason, Nick has certainly had a quite a few reasons to be happy about this turn of events.

Every season of The Bachelor is pre-recorded and released an episode at a time to the public. So far, only two episodes have aired and there has been no lack of drama. This show really brings out the best in its contestants. Perhaps fighting over a man amongst a group of other attractive women has something to do with the insanity we see from “the women” as Nick so affectionately calls them. The contestants also seem to bring out the worst in each other, with few rising above the ranks and keeping a level head.

Without a doubt, the wildest contestant so far is the spontaneous Corinne. She has made no secret that she believes Nick is her true love and it seems she will go to any lengths to prove it. Each episode features a certain number of dates, some group, some one-on-one. The most recent episode featured two group dates both of which with their fair share of drama. The first featured a wedding shoot where each girl was assigned a wedding cliche and dressed to fit it. It also featured the spontaneous disrobing of Corinne who was jealous of not being the “sexiest” bride there. Already making a name for herself, Corinne told the camera she thought her father would be proud that she was taking initiative and putting herself out there, “even though [she] was naked.” Much to the dismay of the other girls, Corinne received the coveted rose at the end of the date, meaning she is protected from being sent home this week.

The second group date, though lacking in scantily clad women, had its own share of excitement in the form of Liz. Like Corinne (and every other contestant, really), Liz believes she has a special connection with Nick. Unlike the other girls, Liz had the history to back it up. The audience was clued into Liz’s secret romantic history with Nick early on as she declared to the cameras that her reason for being on the show was having a second chance with the one that got away. In reality, the night they spent together after the wedding of mutual friends was nowhere near as romantic as Liz assumed and, to drive the nail in the coffin, she was the one who rejected Nick, refusing to give him her phone number. Nick thankfully saw through this charade and sent Liz packing, but not before the damage had been done. The end of the second group date ended unfavorably for everyone involved as Nick explained why exactly he had sent Liz home.

For a show about multiple women dating the same guy, the contestants sure don’t have any concept of sharing. Upon hearing Liz and Nick’s devious backstory, every contestant seemed shocked and ready to question Nick’s motives. Because of course, being the prize in a contest of “Who Would Make The Best Wife” doesn’t make his motives questionable at all. By the end of the episode at least, many of the women were asking themselves if this was really something they wanted to be a part of. A question they probably should have asked themselves before they agreed to participate in a glorified beauty pageant for an okay-looking, extremely awkward, Bachelorette veteran.

Every Monday at 8/7 Central the Bachelor commands the attentions of women across the nation with Nick’s hunt for a perfect wife. I can’t say this show is completely morally sound, but it definitely makes for good television. You’ll find yourself completely engrossed from episode one in this decidedly entertaining reality show.