Media Monday: American Horror Story is back

Emilee Guernsey, Editor-in-chief

The gut-wrenching, keep your hands over your eyes, TV show, American Horror Story, is back on air. Fans had to wait an entire year for the sixth season, entitled “My Roanoke Nightmare,” but the wait was worth it.

Having only aired three episodes of the new season, the show already has many on the edge of their seats, including myself. “Roanoke” is by far the most chilling season yet. It is not uncommon for AHS to feature paranormal activity, but the few episodes I have witnessed are quite terrifying. The suspense in each episode is riveting.  

The setup of the show is as if it’s of a family discussing their horrific experience in a farmhouse with flashbacks of the actual scenes. The husband, Matt Miller, played by both Cuba Gooding Jr. and Andre Holland, and the wife, Shelby Miller, played by both Sarah Paulson and Lilly Rabe, buy an old, abandoned home on land out in North Carolina. Little did they know, the ranch was haunted by the lost colony of Roanoke.

This season is bound to keep viewers under covers, peaking through at the TV. If you want to be on edge and sleep with your lights on, watch “My Roanoke Nightmare” on Wednesday nights on FX.