PNG reports for duty

Chris Collins


Lights, Camera, Laughter. The PNG, or Penguin National Guard, had their first show at homecoming on Sept. 22. The show opened at 8 p.m. in the Black Box, with the whole cast singing a rhyme about the name Paul. The laughter filled the room as the show, hosted by sophomore Jack Davis, started up.

Penguin National Guard is the Cedar Park High School improv group, with nine members who survived auditions to make the troupe. PNG practices twice a week in preparation for their shows. They have their practices in the theater room, which has an open stage. They play games, or skits, to practice for what they will be performing that week. They work on their improv skills and talk with each other about ideas for the show such as how they will be performing the introduction.

The show is hardly scripted as Paul Madsen, junior and president of PNG, said, “It is just improv, think of it on the spot, got to be quick.”

PNG gets most of their material from improv and suggestions from the audience. Some of the material for their games comes from doing research on current events in the world, and in school, that they can poke fun at. They find topics that students talk about and make them into jokes for the show.

“Our humor is very broad; it is clever and crude, but not inappropriate,” Davis said.

PNG will have another show on Oct 30 in the Black Box.