‘Rogue One’ Serves As Solid Entry Point for New Fans, Gives Clarity to Series

Nick Hedges, Reporter

Not so long ago, in a place not so far away, “Rogue One” was released in theaters to a frenzy of cheers from fans and critics alike. The film, released on Dec. 16, received overly positive reviews, and is considered by many to be the best Star Wars movie made since the original trilogy.

Unlike the prequels, marred by acting woes by main actors, “Rogue One” featured fantastic work by relatively unknown stars. Leads Felicity Jones and Diego Luna both perform really well, setting a new standard for lead actors in the series. The most well recognized celebrity in the film is Forest Whitaker, portraying an aggressive warlord trying to fight the growing Imperial presence on the moon, Jedha. Whitaker’s performance is one of surprising quality, integrating into the plot with critical success. CGI in the film is also extremely well done, as characters from old films whose actors have since passed away or grown too old, still find their stunning return.

As far as the plot is concerned, Disney, armed with storyboards written by George Lucas, deceived us all with a slight, but critical, integration into the series. The movie could be considered number three-and-a-half in the whole chronology, with a newly finished Death Star and recently rehabilitated Darth Vader. While many thought the film would be a complete departure from the rest of the series, “Rogue One” actually plays a critical and vital role in Episode IV, the original movie.

The action in the film is satisfactory and refreshing, considering the general lack of it in other recent movies. The characters run and gun their way, often with humor and comedy, to the Death Star plans, trying to transmit them out to the rebel superiors. Several shootouts with storm troopers occur, usually ended in skilled combat by the characters in the film. The action is even more impressive considering the fact that light sabers are only brandished once, when Darth Vader unloads his wrath on several unfortunate rebels.

Overall, “Rogue One” is a must see. For hardcore fans of the series, the movie is a solid new entry that gives real clarity to the series. Even for those who aren’t fans, “Rogue One” serves as a capable gateway for new fans to break into the Star Wars saga. One thing is for sure: the force is with this movie, and this movie is one with the force.
Rating: PG-13