Some Ragrets

Reflecting Back on the Good and Bad of This Year


Illustration by Katana Riley

Deana Trautz, Editor-in-Chief

With 180 days of school, there is a lot of time to make mistakes. However, there is also a lot of time to improve and grow. With just a few days left of school, we surveyed students via Google Form asking what their biggest regret from this year was, as well as something they did or got better at.

Let’s start with the regrets.

“Spending too much time on social media and Netflix.”

“Eating Whataburger for breakfast literally every morning.”

“Letting my bad mental health dominate my time.”

“Wasting time on unimportant people.”

“Chasing after a guy that wasn’t chasing me.”

Letting myself be put down.”

Not taking any fun classes.”

Not taking a stand for the people who matter around the school.”

“Keeping myself closeted to my family.”

“My biggest regret this year is the fact that I wasn’t able to let go of people who were holding me back in terms of happiness and true friendship.”

“Not branching out and making new friends.”

“Not trying to teach myself in things I was struggling at.”

“Not being bold and standing up for what is right more often.”

“I got too caught up with things and couldn’t do the things I enjoy.”

That’s enough sadness for now, let’s get into the good things that happened this year in people’s lives.

I got better at speaking my mind.”

I won a competition that was super important to me.”

I got better at public speaking.”

I got better at acting.”

I kept up with my grades.”

I’ve gotten better at finding my group of friends. Like my people. You have good and bad people enter your life, but always find the people who mean most to you and aren’t fake.”

I got better at coming out of my shell and voicing things that are important to me and I feel so much more confident and powerful.”

I got a lot better at skating.”

It just now is happening, but I’ve been able to take care of myself in the way where I distance myself from people who make me very unhappy.”

I got better at time management.”

My mental health improved greatly.”

I ended things with a toxic person in my life.”

I successfully created a reusable water filtration device.”

I got better at

Managing stress.”

“Giving control to God.”

Planning for my future.”

Communicating with teachers.”

“Being content with my life as is.”