Supernatural back for season 11

CW Ko, Reporter

Supernatural is one of CW’s most popular shows, with over 2 million viewers per episode. With 10 seasons and 218 episodes currently out, Supernatural is the longest running sci­fi TV show in the United States. The show follows the story of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who follow in their father’s footsteps, hunting down supernatural creatures while trying to do what is right and save innocent people. In the past, the Winchesters have faced nearly every horror you can imagine, from ghosts to wendigos, demons to angels, and even childhood terrors, like Bloody Mary herself.

We last left off in season 10, where Sam and Dean faced a challenge unlike any they’d ever faced before. Dean himself had been turned into a demon, and the two brothers battled both biblical myths and their own inner demons as they tried to restore their bond. Fans of the show were emotionally caught up in the battle for Dean’s humanity, which was restored in an epic battle against Death himself in the season 10 finale. However, with Dean’s humanity came a price; the pre­biblical Darkness itself was unleashed as columns of smoke in the last frame of the finale.

Supernatural’s watchers ended season 10 on yet another cliffhanger, wondering about the fate of the two brothers, their angel friend Castiel, and the entire world. Reactions varied; some greeted the ending with relief, some with humor, but most fans just wanted to find out if their beloved characters were okay and what was going to happen in the preannounced season 11.

Viewers only had to wait a few months, as teasers began coming out weeks ago, and the trailer for season 11 came out just a couple weeks ago, on Sept. 9. As of now, we know that season 11 is going to be filled with the show’s usual emotional scenes, as well as an episode filmed entirely from the Winchesters’ car’s point of view. The cast explains that the brothers’ bond is finally restored, which is a relief to fans after their rocky relationship in season 10. The director of Supernatural, Jimmy Carver, explains that the main theme of season 11 is that “you can’t outrun your past,” showing the personal arc that this season will take. Despite the many dark scenes shown in the trailer, the cast also explains that there are many light and humorous scenes that Supernatural’s watchers can look forward to.

Season 11 is coming back on Oct. 7. Fans of the show can watch it on the CW network at 9 PM EST, or on the CW website, where they upload episodes mere hours after they air. Tune in for this highly recommended show, as it blends both darkness and humor, has an exceptional cast, and speaks to viewers of all ages.