The Emoji Craze

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

The first emoji was created around the year 1998, and the world was electrified. Emoji’s were all anyone would hear about, and text messages no longer carried messages about groceries but rather cute stickers of hearts and a yellow face crying with laughter.

However, as technology advanced the craze over emoji’s faded. But in 2015 the emoji craze remerged when Kim Kardashian launched her app called: Kimojis. The app is a keyboard with over 500 emoji’s featuring each of the Kardashians, random body parts of Kim Kardashian and other various pictures that are easily recognizable because of the family’s famous last name.

Selling the app for two dollars on the Apple store, Kim Kardashian is currently gaining around one million dollars a minute (before distribution between the company producing her app and taxes). Seeing her success, many celebrities wanted in on the action. Blac Chyna, the current fiancé of Rob Kardashian, Kim’s brother, has also brought out her own emojis.

Aptly called “ChyMojis,” the app, while not doing as well as Kimojis, still is raking in cash. Initially, the app caused controversy. Between the release of the app, seemingly right after the Kimoji launch and the ill-timed emoji feature what seemed to be Kylie Jenner being slapped by Chyna, ChyMojis were not being placed under good light. However, the drama has since been dissolved since Chyna is now pregnant with Rob’s baby.

Shortly after, Ellen DeGeneres released her own emoji’s app, Ellen’s Emoji Exploji; featuring Ellen’s face, Ellen on a hover board and many of her talk shows brand on underwear and coffee mugs. DeGeneres’s app also costs about two dollars.

Following her, Youtuber, Joe Sugg, has announced that he too is releasing his very own emoji app. The contents of what they might feature have yet to be seen. They are to be sold in the next few months for 99 cents.

What led to this new emoji craze? We may never know. But if you are bored with ordinary emojis, and are desperate to have some new emoji’s to make your conversations more interesting, be sure to check out one of the celebrities’ mentioned. Why text when we can convey all we need to with just a few stickers?