The Hunger Games: The Wolfpack Staff Crumbles in their Attempts to Give up Fast Food

It’s been two weeks since we, at the Wolfpack staff, undertook the challenge of the ages, not to eat fast food. We came up with a list of rules, and decided to try to follow them for the whole six weeks:

  1. No drive thrus, order ins, or anything else that could be considered fast food.
  2. If the restaurant has a waiter or an area where you wait to be seated, then you may eat there.
  3. Tuesdays are cheat days.
  4. At the end of the challenge, we hold a pizza party to celebrate our victory.

It seems simple, but two weeks later our seven participants have been narrowed down to two.

Nick Hedges broke on the very first day “It was a Friday and I wasn’t in the newsroom when they decided to do this, so I had no idea. I ate Panda Express the next day and was out without even knowing it, but to be honest, I probably would’ve done the same thing even if I knew about it.”

The very next day, Houston Fuller was eliminated as well. “I didn’t know about the challenge, I was sitting at home and didn’t want to go anywhere so I made my mom pick up Wendy’s. I eat fast food a lot because my parents don’t cook very often, so I couldn’t have stayed in for long anyway.”

On day 12 Anjali Sundaram cracked. “My mom bought me a big burger and I said ‘you know what, I want it’ and just gave up on the challenge.”

Victoria Sananikone isn’t sure when exactly she first caved in, but she treated herself to P. Terry’s yesterday and remembered the challenge for the first time since we issued it. “I went on a three mile run and afterwards I had a burger and an extra plate of fries. I don’t regret it.”

Yesterday our editor, Emilee Guernsey, gave up as well. “I had a sonic milkshake, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The competition is rigged”

So who is still standing? Me, Avery Deen, and Carlie Morgan. We are the strongest of the bunch, and we will not be chowing down on anything greasy any time soon.