Top Five Girl Scout Cookies

Carlie Morgan, Reporter


Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us in full force. Whether your little sister is selling or you’re scouring every Wal-Mart for those delicious treats, everyone is enjoying these honored treats. Everyone has a personal favorite when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, but some are definitely fan-favorites. We’ve made a list of the best cookies this year for your convenience. Let’s take all take a minute to thank the Girl Scouts of America.


  1. Thin Mints: Truly the king of the Girl Scout Cookie world, Thin Mints dominate during cookie season. There’s no need to feel guilty about buying four or five or even six boxes of these precious cookies, because they go fast. No one can resist that minty goodness.
  2. Caramel deLites: Who can deny the pure awesomeness of Samoas. Although debates about their true name ensue, there is certainly no debates about their deliciousness. NO doubt about it, these cookies never fail to delight.
  3. Peanut Butter Patties: A distant cousin of Do-si-dos, these chocolate covered cookies are like peanut-butter-flavored heaven. A true classic, these cookies are a best seller and a favorite of people worldwide.
  4. Thanks-A-Lots & Lemonades: Back from the grave, these fan favorites proved they weren’t to be trifled with. Last year, Thanks-A-Lots and Lemonades were discontinued but due to the public demand, the Girl Scouts of America realized their mistake and brought them back for the 2017 season.
  5. S’mores: These new-comers proved they’re here to stay as they took hearts and stomachs everywhere by storm. If you haven’t tried one of these new cookies yet, start looking for a girl scout; they’re selling out fast.