ACL recap

Miranda Campbell

The Austin City Limits music festival took place over the course of two weekends, Oct. 4-6 and Oct. 11-13. Though the main goal of two separate weekends was to hopefully evenly distribute the mass amounts of people who attend ACL, many who attended the festival disagreed.

“There was still a ton of people at the festival,” senior Paul Madsen said after attending the second weekend of ACL. “I felt squished during every concert.”

ACL attracts people from all over the world because of the wide variety of bands that attend. It is a clash of cultures each day. With the separation into two weekends, there was bound to be some technical difficulties. On the last day of weekend two, ACL was cancelled due to a flooded Zilker park.

“I was so bummed when I heard,” Madsen said. “I didn’t get to see some of my favorite bands.”

Despite the cancellation of Sunday, the two weekends were identical. With nearly the exact same lineup, festival attendees shared the same experience no matter which weekend they chose. Heavily focused on the band, the art market is often overlooked. Even though one can find amazing products created by local artists and well known stores at extremely low prices.

“I was able to haggle a hammock that is usually $100 down to $45,” senior McCullough Gilpin said, who was very happy that he attended the first weekend considering he bought his hammock on Sunday.

Lots of people had different opinions on which bands were their favorite performers. With the range of music starting with techno and ending with country, it is no surprise that most attendees do not have a single favorite act. After attending the second weekend of ACL, senior Cameron Harlow was conflicted on whether or not Kendrick Lamar or The Cure was her favorite act.

“They have such a different sound,” Harlow said. “But they were both so good, I couldn’t pick.”

All in all, according to students, ACL 2013 was a success. Festival managers plan to reimburse the people who attended the second weekend by paying back one-third of what they paid for their tickets. Austin City Limits 2014 has a lot to live up to.