Celebrating Cedar Park’s Twentieth Year Open

Jessica Mick

Jessica Mick, Reporter

It’s Cedar Park’s 20th birthday. And everyone is invited.

When the doors opened for the first time back in the fall of 1998, the student body was only freshmen and sophomores for the first two years. Over the years the campus underwent a building expansion, gained new staff members and students, and has made 45 state appearances for athletics and academics. Latin teacher Melody McCormick is one of the original faculty members.

“I remember how small the school was,” McCormick said. “There weren’t that many kids and everybody knew everybody and so they were very close. The personalities differ, but that’s part of the fun of it is getting to know different people. Each year it’s a new batch, it’s a new personality.”

Students should be on the lookout for ways to celebrate the 20th anniversary through school organizations.