CP graduate completes Marine boot camp


Alyssa King

2015 CP graduate and Marine, Kerry Maresca, stands with another Veteran during the Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day Memorial Service. CPHS’s French teacher Tammy Nettles taught Maresca during his time at CPHS. “Kerry Maresca came to French as a senior with the desire to use it to help in the military,” Nettles said. “From the beginning he had the determination of a Marine. It has been inspiring to watch him grow into one. I loved seeing him in his Dress Blues for the Veteran’s Celebration.”

Meital Abraham, Reporter

2015 graduate, Kerry Maresca, recently completed Marine boot camp. Maresca joined the Marines after hearing about the debt program and how it would help pay for a college of his choice. He was not only fueled by tuition, but also by the want to help his country and to become a strong leader. Maresca realized one way to become a good, strong leader while helping others and paying for college is to join the Marines.

“Deciding what to join wasn’t an easy task,” Maresca said. “After I talked to all the branches, it came down to what I wanted to be, and I wanted to be a Marine.”

Maresca said not everyone in his family was supportive at first. However, after some time was spent considering the benefits of becoming a Marine, Maresca received encouragement.

“At first my dad wasn’t supportive,” Maresca said. “But when he saw the debt program, he warmed up to [the idea of] it. My sister was very supportive, she was my lifeline for support. Both my sister and my dad wrote letters to me while I was at boot camp showing their support.”

Maresca said he has become a new person through Marine boot camp, and has had the help and support of a friend who went through the same process.

“I’ve developed quite a bit and become a new person,” Maresca said. “I knew a few people who joined [the Marines], and I went through bootcamp with my friend Private Cortez, who helped me out a lot by giving me a lot of motivation. Cortez wasn’t as outgoing [before joining the Marines], but now he is. He takes more leadership roles, he helps people organize and he is a more positive person.”

As far as being a Marine goes, Maresca said he doesn’t have any dislikes. Maresca has been enjoying the many benefits that come with being a Marine.

“There’s not much to dislike about being a Marine,” Maresca said. “I love seeing the benefits in my life, such as allowing me to go to the college of my choice. The Marines give us transition classes before college [to help us prepare].”

Maresca began high school at a private school, but transferred to CPHS because he was unhappy.

“I originally went to a private school where I wasn’t happy,” Maresca said. “[CPHS] had a very positive attitude, so [during boot camp] I thought, ‘I can’t wait to go back to CP so they can see how I’ve matured.’”

Maresca misses a few things about CPHS, including football games and the staff.

“I really miss CP football games, the student section is even louder than it used to be,” Maresca said. “Mrs. Moore was very helpful and was like a mentor to me, all the staff was great. A lot that we learned here was gone over in boot camp. I miss everything, like the drug free week, because I got to dress up for it.”

Maresca offered some advice to his fellow CPHS students.

“My advice to students is to spend time with family and build your relationship [with them],” Maresca said. “Make the right decisions because you represent CP, just like I now represent the Marines. Be proud of who you are and where you’re from.”