CP recreation center offers affordable gym for students

Zoe Roush

     Since it opened, the Cedar Park Recreation Center has provided a place for many students to enjoy themselves, whether by working out or making art. The recreation center is just one of the beginning steps to making Cedar Park even bigger. Over the past few years, the city of Cedar Park has been growing rapidly. It started out as a small community, but now has performers such as George Straight and The Cirque Du Soleil playing in its very own Cedar Park Center.

     This some-what new recreation center houses two full court gymnasiums, cardio and weight workout area, group exercise rooms, meeting rooms, game room, babysitting room, an arts and craft room, and an elevated walking and jogging track above the gymnasiums.

     “[The cost is] really cheap and the workout space is big and roomy,” Weston Terry, junior, said. “It helps people who don’t have a lot of money.”

     For what this center provides, the price is relatively low. It is only twenty five dollars a month per family or five dollars a day if you are not a member.  Most students prefer the rec center over other gyms, because of what it has to offer.

     If a student does not live within the city’s limits, then the cost is more to join or visit. Some students live within five minutes of the center but are not considered in the city limits of Cedar Park.  This limits the number of members to the rec center. The center has a list of all the addresses in Cedar Park and if a student is not on the list, then they have to pay more. 

     “I hope to see a pool and hot tubs at the rec center,” Terry said.

     The rec center was completed approximately one million dollars under budget and instead of adding more amenities, the city ended the project after two years of planning and building.

     The center may have some down sides, but it provides a cheap facility for both students and their families to do all sorts of activities such as, basketball, dance, yoga, photography, and many other classes.

     “It’s really nice, they have a lot of new equipment and a basketball court,” says Barrett Segesta, junior.

     Cedar Park growth is both exciting and fascinating. Most students are thrilled to see what else will open in Cedar Park.

     “I really like the idea of Cedar Park expanding,” says Terry.

     The growth of Cedar Park has continued with the opening of the recreation center and who knows what will be next.