Culinary Excellence

MIranda Campbell

Nestled in the back of the B building is Cedar Park’s Culinary Department. Each month a student from the advanced culinary class is picked to create a menu and decorate for a luncheon that teachers, family and others can attend. This month, senior Madison Meehan was chosen and hosted her luncheon Thursday, Feb. 13.

“It’s hard work creating a menu and decorations,” Meehan said. “I really love it, though.”

The luncheon begins with making the menu. Meehan decided on a mixed greens salad with a balsamic reduction vinaigrette as the starter. As an appetizer she chose herb roasted chicken over crispy rosemary polenta with a mushroom ragù. Then for dessert, a dark chocolate tart with cherry compote. Students in culinary help Meehan prepare her dishes in mass before it starts and as everyone arrives.

The class is then split with the students in front of the house, waiting on tables and setting up the dining room as Meehan instructs. The other half is kitchen staff who makes last minute touches and is assigned parts of the menu to execute during the luncheon. Each luncheon follows this layout.

“It’s cool how we work as a big team to make everything come together perfectly,” Meehan said.