Dancing Through the Halls

Celebrities Take on Holiday Show, Talk About Success


Photo by Tristan Hernandez

Smiling ear to ear, the celebrities finish out their holiday show with the grand finale. The show was sponsored by the celebrities, but the Spanish Honor Society, PALS, theatre, choir, both the CPMS and CPHS dance classes and the CPMS Crimson Cadets participated. “I love to dance,” sophomore celebrity Sydney Fuller said. “It provides both an artistic and an athletic outlet for me, which supports both my physical and mental health. When I’m dancing, I feel more empowered and more confident. Performing a dance number brings me a great amount of joy and excitement.”

Ally JohnPress, Reporter

Bright lights, fancy outfits, ear-to-ear smiles all around. On Dec. 5, the celebrities hosted their annual holiday show. 

Several organizations participated in the production, such as the Spanish Honor Society, PALS, theatre, choir, both the CPMS and CPHS dance classes and the CPMS Crimson Cadets. 

The celebrities performed eight dances in total that night, two with the entire team, two officer and social dances, three squad dances and a tap routine. The show concluded with the famous finale, performed every year, a jazz routine to “Let it Snow.”

“We wear our uniforms and pink sparkly poinsettias [on] our hats which I think is super cute,” senior celebrities social officer Cally Hall said. “I love the musicality and choreography of the dance, plus it’s holiday themed which adds even more fun.”

But, the easy-going, fun-filled event didn’t come easy. The team had to put in a lot of work, including two hour morning practices filled with stretching, ab workouts and critiquing routines. Especially time consuming was learning and perfecting the squad routines.

“We have performed our squad routines in front of the rest of the team many times as a means of preparing through encouragement, confidence development, and critiques,” sophomore Sydney Fuller said. “We have also spent much time adjusting and polishing our team contemporary, which was difficult to do, but it was definitely worth it because the routine [came] together beautifully. Personally, I’ve prepared on my own by taking some time out of my evenings to review the dances I found more challenging, and worked with myself to smooth out any specific difficulties I was having.”

Despite the intense workouts and constant practice, dance is a way for many of the girls on the team to express themselves. 

“When we dance, we want the audience to feel something that the music is portraying,” sophomore Lindsey Lopez said. “For me, I think contemporary is the best way to express yourself. It is more about connecting with the music and [becoming] more in touch with [your] physical and mental state.”

To be successful as a team and know how to work together, especially for this show, the team has to continue to build trust and personal relationships with one another. Everyone has to learn to work together and build each other up. 

“In one of the routines I am being lifted and caught in the arms of my teammates,” Lopez said. “I typically prefer to not be lifted, so for me this takes a lot of trust, [but it helps knowing] that my teammates literally have my back.”

Overall, the celebrities performance went really well, according to senior celebrities first lieutenant Brynn Carr. She said she received a ton of compliments and is extremely proud of what the team accomplished. Performing is one of the main reasons she loves dancing. 

“The rush I get when I perform is indescribable,” Carr said. “I am reminded every time of why I do what I do, and the fact that I get to do what I love with my best friends makes it that much more special.”