Get to know the king and queen

Lauren Kriss and Hannah Lundin

If you haven’t heard, senior, Bailey Todd has upgraded from Student Body President to head monarch of CPHS along with boyfriend, senior, Cameron Kramr. The couple of almost a year was elected Homecoming King and Queen on Sept. 21 at the half time show of the homecoming game.

“It’s a real honor that my classmates voted for me to be king,” Kramr said.

The night of the Homecoming game, neither of the FCA leaders were confident they would win. They weren’t sure if they had rallied enough votes, even with help from close friends, Seniors Sam Love and Allison Rice.

“I was worried they were going to call his name and not mine,” Todd said. “I was worried some other girl would win.”

The varsity defensive end also admits to some serious anxiety prior to his crowning.

“Before I was just really nervous and couldn’t think about it,” Kramr said. “[But] after I was very relaxed and excited for me and Bailey.”

Todd attributes the win to her boyfriend’s popularity, his outgoing personality and large number of friends, as well as his killer looks.

“He’s clearly the hottest guy at our school,” jokes Todd. “But I don’t like to brag.”

As for Kramr, he thought his girlfriend’s personality won her crown.

“I think people elected Bailey because she is nice to everyone and is super friendly,” Cameron said.

With both of the elected royalty being seniors, they are excited to leave their names behind at Cedar Park as king and queen while they move on to bigger and better things.