Houston Fuller Releases Music on SoundCloud


Houston Fuller

Houston Fuller’s SoundCloud recently hit 930 followers. The link to his profile is: https://m.soundcloud.com/hueyx

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

When junior Houston Fuller was a freshman, his EP under his old alias, H.E.F, was signed to a record label. This means that his own music was released on a several online stores, like iTunes and Spotify. Recently, he changed his SoundCloud name to Huey, instead of H.E.F

“Huey was a nickname I had as a kid in elementary school,” Fuller said. “It was a name that actually had meaning, as opposed to my old name, H.E.F, which was just my initials.”

As a kid, Fuller went to the movies to see the movie “TRON.” The music really inspired him and got him into music production. He researched how to make electronic music and eventually started making his own. Now, he works on creating new music everyday after school.

“Eventually I bought some really nice software, and I started figuring things out about music,” Fuller said. “I’ve been working really hard this past year to make good music and it’s finally paying off.”

Fuller has five new songs that are going to be released on different record labels with thousands of followers. With over 900 followers on SoundCloud, he gets thousands of plays on his songs.

“I am working really hard to grow my SoundCloud and to get more exposure for my music,” Fuller said. “It’s a lot of work to network and work with other artists, but it’s a really satisfying feeling when all the work I put into my music pays off.”

Even though Houston doesn’t play any musical instruments, a lot of his music includes melodic elements.

“I use a software called FL Studio and I use synthesizers and samples to make my music,” Fuller said. “I layer different instruments over each other to get what I want. I don’t know how to play the piano or anything, but I basically just play notes and chords until I get something I like.”

When he’s older, he wants to become a music producer and a DJ.

“I hope that my music will be something that can make other people happy, not just me,” Fuller said. “Music has always been really important to me, so I really want to share it with others.”