Humans of CP: Ashley Poulsen


Gillian Corona, Reporter

Sophomore Ashley Poulsen likes swimming, hiking, swimming, camping and…swimming.

Poulsen is in Pre-AP Geometry and English II; she also takes Chemistry, World History, Human Body Systems and sign language. In addition, she swims for the team and for Lost Creek Aquatics. Poulsen said swimming is her passion and she is in the pool everyday. Her other hobby includes hiking, especially on Colorado trails, and camping with her family. Cedar Park is Poulsen’s seventh school. She was born in Maryland, than moved to Fort Hood, New Jersey, San Antonio, Virginia, Colorado and then here.

“With school, there are lessons I’ve done here that other schools haven’t done and vice-versa and it’s so weird to see how all the different schools line up,” Poulsen said.

As for swim, Poulsen plans to pursue her hobby for the near future.

“I try to get as far as I can and I will probably not make it to the Olympics, but I try my best everyday,” Poulsen said.