Humans of CP: Justin Bohrer

Sports, Broadcast, Online Warfare Fills Sophomore’s Schedule


Courtesy of Smugmug

Readying to kick, sophomore varsity kicker Justin Bohrer aims to launch the ball downfield. “I want to make sure I can kick the ball to the uprights,” Bohrer said. “It helps me and my football brothers win.”

Jalen Gomez, Reporter

When walking into the bedroom of sophomore Justin Bohrer, there are a handful of noticeable features that stick out. The blaring of the music (most likely Brockhampton) off of his record player, the Halo 5 video game that was left on throughout the day and the countless soccer jerseys that are hung up on the walls.

Bohrer is just a regular high school guy who plays video games, listens to music and plays a sport. He said he lives a fairly carefree lifestyle, even though that lifestyle includes a full plate of broadcast, soccer, and varsity football.

“When people first get to know me, I think I come off as hyper, and all over the place,” Bohrer said. “Believe it or not, I’m actually responsible. Kind of.”

According to Bohrer, he has never needed to be this responsible before, but it is something he has had to take on throughout this year. Especially for football, he said that responsibility has actually become a strong point for him.

“Being a player on the varsity team, you have to be somewhat more responsible,” Bohrer said. “There is always a lot more asked out of us, and it’s something we have to go along with. Even though I’m just a kicker, I’m still pretty responsible in my own eyes. And yes, us kickers are people too. We are important, just generally overlooked, until we miss a field goal.”

Bohrer joined the team due to his background in kicking, and made the varsity squad as a sophomore. He said that expectations are higher for him because only a few sophomores make the varsity team each year, hence the term ‘super sophomore.’

“I really can’t be that out of line,” Bohrer said. “Coach Abseck depends on me to kick well, and I do my best to live up to it. He gets mad sometimes, but I can’t let that bring me down, so I always tell myself to just keep kicking.”

The other type of football he plays, soccer, can sometimes be more demanding. With soccer practice multiple times per week, along with the weekly game or tournament, he said that it has always been a big part of his life.

“I have been playing soccer for a long time,” Bohrer said. “Like a really long time. Sometimes I think it’s been too long, but I always remember what made me join, my older brother playing, my friends and the feeling I get whenever I score a goal. It’s super cool, and I like to flex it. All of that keeps me going whenever I get upset about a red card.”

Another factor in Bohrer’s life is broadcast. Bohrer’s older brother, Jacob Bohrer, was on the CPHS News staff until he graduated last year. He said that he joined this year because he wanted to do the humorous things that his brother once did.

“My brother would always come home to tell me another story of what he had done on The Wolfcast,” Bohrer said. “I really want to bring a lot of that humor back, so it can be the Bohrer family tradition. Oh, and I also want to be better than him, so there’s that too.”

With everything Bohrer does, he said he can sometimes get stressed out, and just needs a break. The primary way he unloads all that stress is through online warfare.

“One of my absolute favorite things to do is to just destroy people on Halo servers,” Bohrer said. “I used to play ‘Destiny’ religiously, like an unhealthy amount, but it was always so fun. I just bought the newest ‘Call of Duty’ game, and if I have any free time, or I ‘accidentally’ get a red card during a soccer game, you know what I’m about to spend that time on.”

Bohrer said that his active lifestyle may be a lot, but according to him, that is how his life has always been, and always will be.

“I know for a fact, once I grow up, I probably will be acting the same way I do now,” Bohrer said. “Obviously, more mature, and older. But for the most part, I will stay true to my roots: sports, games and fun.”