Humans of CP: Sam Muir


Kevin Muir

Junior Sam Muir balances a hectic high school schedule of two sports, high grades in class, and two honor societies.

Perry Jamail, Reporter

Juggling early morning football practices, afterschool baseball practices and a top one-percent class rank, junior Sam Muir dedicates himself to performing well both inside and outside of the classroom.

Holding a position on both the baseball and football teams for the past three years, Muir says that his participation in these activities has not only grown him physically, but has also given him an advantage in the classroom.

“Sports teaches one to be tough,” Muir said. “You have to get through four a.m. practice, long meetings after school and strenuous workouts while still maintaining physical and mental composure. Possessing the skills that I have acquired through sports, I feel that I can conquer anything that academics can throw at me.”

In addition to the two sports and academics that Muir balances, he also finds time to be active in the Mu Alpha Theta club and National Honor Society.

“I’m involved [with these organizations] by going to meetings, tutoring kids in math and helping the community by engaging in various volunteer activities,” Muir said.

While it is not always easy being in time-consuming courses and extracurriculars, Muir says that pushing through is always the right answer.

“Sometimes the going gets tough. Taking things head on is a very important key to success. Utilizing the tools that I have procured, balancing my life between school and sports has been rather facile.”