Kooky cool classes

Savannah Burchfiel, Editor in Chief

With the spring semester underway, returning students will be filling out fall schedules soon. Counselor Thomas Kahlich gave students the inside scoop on some out of the ordinary, exciting classes for students to fill their schedules with to add some spice to the otherwise monotonous required courses.

Kahlich recommends looking at some of the classes in the B-building, a hotspot for courses including Culinary, Hotel Management and Sports Entertainment and Marketing.

“Kids flock to the Sports Entertainment and Marketing class,” Kahlich said. “The students who take the elective classes seem to really enjoy them.”

The Robotics class is a new course on campus that offers students the hands-on opportunity to build robots and compete in tournaments and meets. In its first year, the class is looking to build itself with students who are interested in both constructing the robots and coding their movements.

Video Game Design also offers an opportunity for coding experience and boasts an end result. Students learn to code their own games, which anyone can play. Frog Jump is a popular example from years past.

“Video Game Design has a different type of clientele,” Kahlich said. “The class attracts students who are looking for a fun elective where they can learn programming.”

Walk across the courtyard and you’ll find yourself in the S building, which includes some unusual courses in addition to your ordinary Chemistry and Biology classes. Advanced Animal Science is the hidden gem of the department, and it counts as a fourth-year science. However, it does have pre-requisites.

“Students should check to see if they’ve met the prerequisites before adding any courses to their schedule,” Kahlich said.

Rounding out the journey across campus to the A building, there are more than your required English, math, social studies and language classes. The Journalism Department, including Journalism I, Photojournalism, Newspaper, Yearbook and Broadcast, takes up the “center wing” on the top floor.