Leander City Council names Gabriel and Serna Fields of Bledsoe Park

Lexi Rima, Reporter

In recognition of APUSH teacher Jayne Serna’s late husband Gabriel Serna, Leander City Council has named the athletic fields in Robin Bledsoe the “Gabriel and Jayne Serna Fields.” The two founded the Leander Youth Soccer League in 2003 and both donated time and money into the soccer programs for the children of Leander. Jayne Serna accepts the dedicated fields and thinks they are a great homage to her husband.

“[The fields] definitely serve as a living tribute to Gabriel’s memory and spirit,” Serna said. “It is very humbling as well when you are publicly recognized for something that you did simply because you saw a need and wanted to fill it. It was bittersweet as well because my husband was a humble person who never sought recognition.”

The fields also serve as a reminder of her and her husband’s volunteer soccer work.

“My husband Gabriel and I started Leander Youth Soccer over a decade ago with a grant to serve players who could not afford to play with the larger, more expensive clubs,” Serna said. “The city and the parks department appreciate that we are truly non-profit, serve both boys and girls, and that we have volunteered a large number of hours to develop and support the players and parents.”

While the fields are typically bare, goals are set up for games so they more closely resemble a sporting area.

“The fields are the grassy part of Bledsoe Park–essentially the outfield of the softball diamonds,” Serna said. “We put the goals up on the weekends, so it looks much more like a soccer park then. It is an amazing blessing to see them full on the weekends during soccer season and know that you played a small part in something that so many families value and enjoy.”

Gabriel Serna now has a permanent landmark to his name, but he also has his place in Jayne Serna’s heart.

“This has been a very difficult year, but students and colleagues have been very supportive and kind,” Serna said. “It is harder than I ever imagined or could describe, but I think that God will guide me through this tremendous loss and sadness. I have been very blessed by many people in the process, though, and have not lost sight of that.”