Letter from the Editors

     It’s that time of year again. Students are dreaming of candy canes and sleeping in rather than continuing to focus on their studies. The end of the semester is within sight, and this year’s Wolfpack editorial staff would like to say one thing – congratulations! For freshmen, you have almost made it through your very first semester of high school. Hopefully it wasn’t like a sad Taylor Swift song, but even if it was stay positive! The next seven semesters of high school will fly by before you know it. For sophomores and juniors, keep on truckin’. Even though it may seem like a ridiculous amount of work now, it’s all worth it come senior year when you realize exactly how much your GPA and class rank matter. And finally, for seniors…We’re almost there! By now, most of us have already completed our countless college applications and finished procrastinating on our senior thesis/project papers. Before long we’re going to be walking across that stage in caps and gowns!

     All in all, we could say this semester was a successful one. Our football team defeated Stony Point in an unbelievable game, contributing to our district champion title. Our nationally ranked cross country team drew attention to our school from all across the nation and our musical, White Christmas, blew us away – even inspiring a snow day in Cedar Park.  Oh, and The Wolfpack launched its online supplement, which all of you should definitely check out (we can’t go on through this entire letter without bragging just a bit). And through all of these accomplishments Cedar Park has continued giving back to our community, beating Leander in the Peanut Butter and Jelly wars and working hard to make Blue Santa a success – not to mention all of the community service our students participate in. These values are important, especially during this holiday season. Although we may be worn out from working hard all semester, we need to remember those less fortunate than us and give back to our community. Whether it be volunteering your time and services, or simply making a monetary donation, every little bit counts. At the same time, don’t forget about those around you. This is a perfect time to tell your mom exactly how much you appreciate her, or to give a teacher a candy cane to thank them for staying after school to help you pass that test. And on that note, The Wolfpack wants to thank all of you for reading and supporting our paper. We send best wishes for you and your family to have a safe and happy holiday!