More Than Just a Voice

Choir Program Welcomes New Members Into Community


The show choir, a class that mixes theatrical dance with singing, gathers together for a photo. This class, and others, are filled with new faces like freshmen Alexandra Moll and Charlotte Griffin who said they were ready and excited for their first year in a high school choir. “The choir community is so supportive, everyone is incredibly nice and enjoyable to be around,” Moll said. “I am most excited for the end of the year beach trip. To spend time with my friends during that time sounds like so much fun.” (Photo Courtesy of Madison Horton)

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter

Choir. The program that goes roller skating, sings Christmas carols on Riverwalk boats, performs student-written plays and still manages to be a nationally recognized high school choir.

Although singing is the main component of the class, simply talking, laughing and having fun with others are also goals in mind. They fulfill this goal with their socials and special holiday events throughout the year, according to junior and choir social officer Amanda Eklund.

“My favorite social [is] hard cause they’re all very different, but I do like roller skating cause it’s a very fun social and there’s so many things you can do even if you’re not skating and playing games and stuff,” Eklund said. “I really love the San Antonio caroling trip, getting to hang out with all your friends and go caroling and explore is just so much fun.” 

With so many social events, senior and president of the choir program Charlotte Newman said she attributes the good times and memories to everyone who comes and makes it about more than singing. Newman said there is an emphasis on making sure that new and old members feel comfortable and that they have a place that they belong.

“The events are important for the program because it’s the best way we can get the classes to interact with each other,” Newman said. “Other than the concerts, we don’t have time where they intermingle, and so it’s just a great way for someone who’s in our JV Women’s choir to get closer to someone who’s in our Varsity Treble choir. It’s really important that the people who are just now coming into choir feel that they have a place there, and those who have been in choir for a while are able to be that place for those people.”  

You have to trust the people you’re singing with to make that music. You’re not doing a solo, you are in a group; you’re in a choir, so you all have to be on the same wavelength and mindset in order to really make the music.

— Charlotte Newman

According to Newman, community is huge for the choir program and is something that is heavily encouraged, including when it comes to the singing. Newman, being in choir for around seven years, said that without knowing each other and becoming so close, the choir would work differently and wouldn’t be as great simply because of the lack of connection.  

“You have to trust the people you’re singing with to make that music,” Newman said. “You’re not doing a solo, you are in a group; you’re in a choir, so you all have to be on the same wavelength and mindset in order to really make the music. With the socials, it’s really important that you have that connection across the choir, so that when you do sing, you feel comfortable, you feel trusted with these people and you trust them to make the music with you.”  

With a record number of new members joining this year, Newman and Eklund said they were hopeful for new friendships and a positive experience for those who joined the program. According to freshman Alexandra Moll, who has just joined the program, it seems their hopes are becoming reality.  

“Choir has not only helped me adjust to the class, but school itself,” Moll said. “With fixing schedules, answering any questions you may have about the school, they always try to help. The upperclassmen have been a big part in helping me as well. All of them helped me and were so kind through the entire process.”