Northwestern Acquires skillful Pianist Eunice Lee


Victoria Sananikone, Reporter

Eunice Lee: The classically trained pianist with a passion for her musical craft and a skillful mind in the field of academics. Playing the piano serves as a major factor in her life, something she defines as a roller coaster of emotions that can leave her with feelings of overwhelming joy along with heavy stress when it comes to national or even international competitions. A lot of practice pays off when signing up for a lot of competitions, something that motivates Lee to work to the best of her ability to prepare her for other big events such as concerts.

Other ways that aid her in preparing involve listening to a number of her professional recordings of her own pieces to get inspiration and creativity for her performances. Her performances have an inclination toward classical music, but Lee believes that anybody can appreciate this type of music since it has such a wide range that stretches farther from simply Beethoven or Mozart. Open-mindedness is key, according to Lee.

The atmosphere of classical music that she performs in is very calm and respectful to the performer. Unlike pop or rock concerts, the music is not about outperforming each other, but rather appreciating or respecting the depth of the piece. Like any other profession, Lee’s commitment and dedication require patience and discipline. She makes it clear that she is always honored to have the privilege to perform for others, no matter the audience, and she is humbled to have such amazing experiences.

Playing the piano serves as her outlet when school becomes difficult and her mind gets cluttered. Piano allows her to relax her mind and keep her senses calm when she performs. Although the nerves never seem to go away, Lee’s ultimate goal is to focus on giving her audience a memorable experience. In the fall of 2017 Lee will be attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where she will be studying economics and music.