Princess and the Tea

Seasons Choir Performs as Princesses for Children in the Community

Gillian Corona, Reporter

Over the weekend, choir hosted their biggest annual fundraiser, Princess Tea. Princess tea is a show that Seasons put on where they dress up as Disney Princesses to sing, dance and play games with little kids.

This year’s show, “Moana’s Luau,” featured your classic princesses such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas. It also had some modern princesses such as Moana, Leia, Elsa, Anna, Megara, Mulan and Alice.

Senior Hannah Loera, who played Moana, said this year’s Tea was more casual than it has been before.

“Normally we have a very traditional tea with a theme about Belle’s book club or Elsa’s Snow Ball or something like that,” Loera said. “This was our first chance to try something really different and more exuberant. We got to be a little more casual, the set design is a lot warmer and [we got to] try a lot more dancing.”

A first time performer at Princess Tea, sophomore Kate Stedman, who played Ariel, enjoyed putting on the show and being an inspiration to kids who attended.

“Princess Tea is a really great opportunity for us to get to inspire little girls and boys and teach them lessons that they need later in life,” Stedman said. “Getting to play a princess is incredibly rewarding because you get to see the kids’ faces light up when they see you and you can see that they look up to you.”

Stedman said that her favorite parts about Princess Tea is singing with the kids on stage and meeting them at the end. Seven-year-old Hadley Taylor, who attended Princess Tea on Friday, also liked the interaction between the princesses and the audience.

“I liked the games and when they played the games and how they asked the audience to play,” Taylor said. 

These kids are so pure and genuine. Nothing compares.”

— Hannah Loera

Loera said that the kids are her favorite part of Princess Tea.

The kids are always so excited to talk to you,” Loera said. “I like treating them like they are the actual princesses they are dressed up as, and spending time having a sweet connection. These kids are so pure and genuine. Nothing compares.”